VBN Doors
About VBN Doors

VBN Doors is a Romanian company with Dutch private capital, having more than twenty years of activity in manufacturing solid wood doors.

If in the early years (1998-2000) VBN Doors produced only parts for wooden doors, starting with April 2000 manufacturing of solid wood doors has begun, having Netherlands as the only market outlet.

The production dynamics registered an annual increase, until the year of 2009, both in terms of number of units produced, and the diversity of models of produced doors, so it can also be said that, today, the company can produce any type of door, from interior doors to exterior doors. In the context of the world-wide economic crisis of 2007-2010, the production dynamics has decreased, but the diversity, the quality and the flexibility have grown, together with the decrease of the delivery time. The graphical representation of the production dynamics can be seen at the side.

Knowing the quality of the doors manufactured by VBN Doors and sold on the Dutch market, one of the greatest leaders in the production and trading of doors in the Netherlands, the Albo organization, decided in 2007 to buy the complete share package of VBN Doors.

Thus, since 2007 there is very much attention paid to the education and training of the staff through a permanent exchange of experience with the dutch specialists. Together with the Albo collegues, there was a business plan elaborated for the investment in a a new production hall and the purchasing of last generation technological equipment.

About ALBO Deuren

For over 35 years Albo Deuren is the leading total supplier of a complete range of interior doors, exterior doors, door frames, windows and related products in the Netherlands.

Albo offer includes doors in all shapes and sizes and for almost all applications. Homes, business premises, hospitals, schools: You will come across their doors everywhere in Holland. About 120 employees work every day with pleasure on amazing products in high-quality and durable materials, modern techniques, tried and tested craftsmanship and well thought-out design.

Albo takes responsibility for people and the environment and can therefore meet both current and future market and social expectations, in a world of rapidly advancing technical, economic, political and ecological changes.