VBN Doors
2019 - We estimate to have the inaguration of new prodcution hall with new technological equipment and auxiliary buildings, in spring 2019.

15.12.2017 - Purchase of Hoamg BMB 812 operating centre

01.12.2011 - Painting room inauguration

In order to achieve the finalty of the technological process, our company invested in a painting room, and the purpose of this investment is to close the technological process by spraying two layers of water-based paint, which represents a formerly step until the client’s final color application. The doors to be painted are suspended in a vertical position, and the painting process consists of manually spraying using a pneumatic pomp. The painting room is equiped with a paint recovery system and a controlled drying system. This investment is intended to represent an intermediate step until entering the Romanian market, and after the completement of the intended investment the possibility of painting the doors in their final color will be available.

22.08.2011 - European funds accessing project resubmition

In order to increase the production capacity and to enter the Romanian market, VBN Doors has a 4.1 million Euro business plan, which consists of building a production hall and the purchase of latest generation technological equipment, thus having also submitted a project for accessing European funds worth 1.5 million Euro.

29.03.2011 - The visit of Her Excellency Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

VBN Doors had the honor of receiving the visit of Her Excellency Ambassador Tanya van Gool of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Romania, together with the Honorary Consul at Dutch Honorary Consulate in Timisoara, Mr. Marius POPA, and the Political Counselor, Mr. Vlad Nicolae.
The delegation of Mrs. Ambassador was met at the headquarters of our company by Mr. Frans Kuipers, director of Albo Deuren B.V., by Mr. Johan Demmer, quality director of Albo Deuren B.V., and by Mr. Marcel Marcea, director of VBN Doors S.R.L.
At this visit, Mrs. Ambassador was presented a short history of our company, the nature of the current production, and the plans for the future.
There was presented the medium term business plan with the intention of investing in the technological upgrade of the factory and rising the working conditions of the employees, by prin submitting an European Funds Accessing Project by the prin Sectoral Operational Programme for Increasing of the Economic Competitiveness.
There was also discussed the possibility of selling doors on the Romanian market once with the completion of the investment, the growth of the production flexibility and the short-time delivery of the doors to the clients, all these being three of the main objectives that will be achieved by the realization of this investment.
All of these brought to a positive conclusion on the business plan of VBN Doors from Mrs. Ambassador Tanya van Gool and the delegation of Her Excellency.
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20.07.2010 - Respingerea proiectului pentru accesare de fonduri europene

Proiectul pentru accesarea fondurilor europene a fost respins în baza scrisorii de respingere tehnico-financiare nr. RTF 191/20.07.2010, cu motivatia calculului gresit al RIR.

20.06.2010 - The official website launch

The official VBN Doors website was launched. You are invited to explore it and send us your impressions!

15.04.2010 - Auxiliary buildings reception

Works were completed at the new buildings for storing wooden semi-manufactured goods, respectively for storage of wood waste resulting from technological processing. These constructions respect the laws on enviromental protection.

02.03.2010 - PEFC Certification

Following the interest in sustainable forest management, VBN Doors obtained the PEFC certification. More information can be obtained by visiting the Quality section of our site.

18.02.2010 - FSC Certification

VBN Doors shows a deep interest in responsible forest management, and therefore earned FSC certification. More information can be obtained by visiting the Quality section of our site.

28.01.2010 - ISO Certification

Following the outstanding concerns for quality and environmental management, Doors VBN obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. More information can be obtained by visiting the Quality section of our site.

02.09.2009 - European funds accessing project submition

In order to increase production capacity and enter Romanian market, VBN Doors has a business plan that consists of building a new production hall and upgrading existing technology, having a project submitted for accessing European funds worth 1.5 million Euro.